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Dentist Check-Ups

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Dentist Check-Ups

Keep your smile bright and healthy with Spa Dental Clinic

Welcome to Spa Dental Clinic, your esteemed Dentist in Droitwich. We are committed to offering comprehensive dentist check-ups, ensuring your oral health is at its peak. Each visit to our clinic promises a blend of professionalism, personalised care, and advanced dental solutions tailored to keep your smile radiant.

Why Regular Dental Check-Ups are Important

Embarking on a journey of regular dental check-ups at Spa Dental Clinic is a step towards optimal oral health and confidence. Our Droitwich-based clinic is adept at delivering an all-encompassing and personalised routine dental care experience. Early detection and preventive care are the hallmarks, offering patients peace of mind and a path to enduring oral wellness. Each check-up aims to:

Prevent Oral Diseases: Through adept cleaning procedures that eliminate plaque and tartar.

Early Issue Identification: Utilising cutting-edge technology for accurate and early detection.

Oral Health Education: Providing individualised advice to enhance your at-home oral care routine.

During your routine dental care appointment, we can discuss our treatments and services with you if you need additional dental care.

What to Expect During a Routine Dentist Check-Up

At Spa Dental Clinic, we ensure that each visit is a pleasant and educational experience, especially catering to those who may have dental anxiety. Understanding the apprehension some patients feel, we’ve curated an environment and process that is reassuring and gentle, positioning us as the preferred dentist for nervous patients. Here’s a glimpse into the experience:

Consultation: A warm, empathetic engagement to understand your oral health history and any specific concerns tailored to ease dental anxiety.

Examination: A thorough yet considerate review to diagnose oral health issues, conducted – in a manner that prioritises your comfort.

Professional Cleaning: A gentle and precise process, ensuring your teeth are clean and your comfort is maintained.

Tailored Recommendations: Customised advice rooted in a comprehensive understanding of your unique oral health status and comfort levels.

Dental anxiety is perfectly normal, but that doesn’t make it easy to experience. If you find yourself with dental anxiety, then take a look at our tips and tricks for coping with dental anxiety. We are also happy to offer sedation dentistry to accommodate those with dental phobias. Spa Dental Clinic is a judgment-free, safe space; we are happy to help you.

Book an Appointment with Spa Dental Clinic

Booking a regular dental checkup with Spa Dental Clinic is as easy as contacting us. Our friendly team is ready to assist, ensuring your visit is scheduled at a convenient time for you and to answer any questions you might have before your appointment.

Spa Dental Clinic is not just a dentist in Droitwich; we are local to Worcester, Redditch, Bromsgrove and Kidderminster. As your trusted partner in achieving and maintaining outstanding oral health through regular dental check-ups, we proudly offer treatments, including dental braces, Invisalign braces, Zoom teeth whitening, and Airflow dental treatment.

Your radiant, healthy smile is our mission.

Don’t just take our word for it. See what our satisfied customers are saying about us!

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Dentist Check-Ups

treatment (braces)

We offer many short-term brace options, such as Invisalign, Quick straight teeth and Fast braces

Dentist Check-Ups


All of our cosmetic veneers are custom made by our highly skilled laboratory technicians

Dentist Check-Ups

Composite bonding build ups

Ideal if you have minor issues with your teeth such as small gaps, crookedness, chips etc

Dentist Check-Ups

Teeth whitening

Our professional teeth whitening procedure can bring your smile up to 6 shades whiter with instant results

Dentist Check-Ups

Airflow stain removal

Airflow teeth cleaning can be used to eliminate any issues you have with discolouration

Dentist Check-Ups


An implant is a permanent fixed replacement for a lost tooth, and your smile can be restored to its former glory

Dentist Check-Ups


We have a variety of treatments to rejuvenate your skin and enhance your natural features

Dentist Check-Ups


Patients can now get comfortable and flexible dentures with Valplast® dentures at Spa Dental Clinic

What our clients say...

Five Stars

“I have been attending Spa Dental Clinic for quite a few years now, the Dentists and a staff are always really friendly and genuinely care about their patients…”


What our clients say...

Five Stars

“I have been attending Spa Dental Clinic for quite a few years now, the Dentists and a staff are always really friendly and genuinely care about their patients…”


Five Stars

“Haven’t been to a dentist in 20+ years but my first experience at Spa Dental Practice was great. Friendly service provided and explained everything that was being done. Can 100% recommend.”

Stuart Sorenson

Dentist Check-Ups

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